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Yingluo Architecture Mesh Co.

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Yingluo Architectural Mesh is a leading Chinese supplier exporting quality metal meshes products for over thirty countries in the world. We supply a wide range of standard and customized architectural products from woven wire fabrics to metal sheet meshes, for facade decoration, wall panels or for ceilings / flooring and various mesh works. Available in a range of materials including stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and other alloys.

We are continuously growing and expanding our product range. We are a leading exporter and distributor of architectural products, especially decorative metal meshes.

Established in 1998, the company was beginning with and has always kept to the vision of building long term business partner to gain substantial market share through corporation.

Yingluo sells a range of metal wire mesh materials for architecture decoration including mainly four categories: 
Woven wire fabrics;
Chain or coiled mesh curtains;
Perforated metal architectural mesh;
Expanded metal meshes.

Our products include: Woven Wire Fabric for DecorationExterior Shading ScreensStainless Steel Decorative Wire MeshArchitectural Mesh CurtainsFireplace CurtainsDecorative Expanded MetalDecorative Perforated Mesh ScreenArchitectural Facades MeshAluminium and Anodised Alu Decorative MeshDecorative GabionsElevator Mesh PanelsPerforated Metal Anti-Slip Tread PlatesWindow Security Ampli MeshSS304 Security MeshMetal Wire Belt ConveyorsMetal Mesh DraperyGutter Mesh and GuardsWire Mesh Railings and Insect Proof Mesh Netting. We specialize in design and export of unique and standard architectural meshes to meet the needs of your project requirements.

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